Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Welcome to your Apple Computer in the Cloud!

Welcome to your home for Apple Macintosh cloud based computing since 2012.  We offer the greatest range of cloud based Apple products and services available anywhere on the Web.

Market Leading Pricing (Less $)

All of our plans are offered on top tier Apple Branded Hardware and supported by our techs at VirtualMacOSX.com for prices that set the bar for affordable hosted Apple Macintosh Environments.

Cancel at Any Time

The great thing is that you can cancel at any time by cancelling payment and severing the Subscription with no further payment or obligations.

More Data Centers

We have diversified our Data Center model by adding in two new Tier 3 Data Center locations for a total of Four Data Centers in North America.  This will further refine our connectivity among our largest market of users.

Full Compliance

With the adjustment to the product delivery model we have created a hosted Macintosh model that complies with all of Apple's Software Licensing Agreements.

Plan Types

We offer two types of Hosted Mac Environment:

  1. Shared Plan
  2. Dedicated Plan

With the Shared plan you get full use of the entire environment's resources as well as the ability to run third party software with appropriate licenses.

The Dedicated Resource on Macintosh Server plan provides a dedicated resource pool that represents a fraction of the total Apple Branded Hardware resources and gives root access, dedicated IP and the ability to run services.

Good luck on your hosted Apple Macintosh experience!






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